Meet Bag Re:Born – the 2-in-1 reusable carrier bag that magically converts into a full size kitchen sack.

Our clever hybrid bags are durable and reusable for multiple shopping trips but can also change in shape, size and capacity when you decide.

Reuse for recycling, household waste, storage or charity sacks.

Dual Use

2-in-1 product combining a reusable shopping bag & 60-litre sack


Less Waste

Prevents the need to make separate products, made from 100% recycled plastic waste

What's not to love?

Convenience just became friendlier, for your pocket and the planet

Here at Bag Re:Born, its our mission to help consumers and retailers reduce the amount of single use plastic bags going to waste in the supply chain. So our inventor bods came up with this clever little solution.

Why buy 2 when 1 will do?

The innovative design combines two of the most short-lived plastic products on the planet, in order to extend the user lifecycle of both the carrier bag and the household sack.

Welcome to the world of Bag Re:Born – the 60-litre sack cleverly disguised as a reusable shopping bag.

The Problem

  • Have you ever thought about how many plastic bags pass through your household every week? Then also the amount of bin-liners and refuse sacks?

  • How many times do you forget to bring your reusable bags with you?

  • How many plastics bags are left accumulating in your kitchen cupboard at home?

Did you know, in UK supermarkets alone, consumption of retail carrier bags totals over 8.4 billion each year, whilst refuse sacks and bin-liners total a further 5.4 billion!

An estimated 98.6 billion plastic carrier bags were placed on the EU market in 2010, amounting to each EU citizen using 198 bags per year.

The Solution

  • Bag Re:Born gives convenience a sustainable twist.

  • Combining two of the most short-lived consumables on the planet, it’s the perfect choice when caught on the hop without a reusable bag.

  • Ideal for unplanned shopping trips or impulse buys, it helps reduce the number of forgotten bags in your kitchen cupboard.

  • No need to buy bin liners – convert Bag Re:Born, save money and give your bag an extra use.

There are always going to be occasions when shoppers are caught short on the carrier bag front. A last minute decision to buy groceries on the way home, an emergency dash for dinner party ingredients or simply forgetting to take bags out on a shopping trip are all perfectly valid reasons that people may need to buy a carrier bag at the checkout. But rather than paying their five pence for a bag they will use once, we would urge consumers to think about better, more useful, more sustainable alternatives like Bag Re:Born.

Richard Simmonite

Creator & CEO of Bag Re:Born, Bag Re:Born

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